Friday, June 20, 2008

How Many People Did You Take a Shower With?

Asked a very wise man once…in other words when you take a shower are you in the shower or is your mind going through lists, or possible conversations etc…this morning I showered with my fifth grade teacher, of all people, and revisited several past events but did redid them so they came out the way I wanted. And then I thought about the wise man again and this blog and well, now this post.

Just reminding myself as anxiety was starting to get the better of me to take the time to remember to breathe and most of all to take the time to be where I am instead of somewhere else in my head. Not so easy.

Anyone have any tips for trying to stay in the moment instead of rushing on to all the things that might happen? I’d appreciate any suggestions.


Summer said...

I wish I had some good advice to give you, but I'm like you I usually don't shower alone.

I'll be checking your comments, though, to see what others suggest!

DE Mommy said...

Breathing always helps me come back to the moment.

And actually, when I take the time to regularly meditate, that helps, too.

But usually, I'm taking showers with others, driving in the car with others and doing my work with others, so i need this a lot!

Smiling said...

Yeah.. I'm rarely alone either, but that doesn't make me not feel lonely:)

I try a few things:

Sometime I pretend my body is a camera and I try to take a snap shot to remember this very moment, the way you instinctively do at really great moments (weddings, graduations) and really horrible ones (when you get a phone call that someone has been in an accident).

I say a little mantra in my head sometimes simple like "be here now" or wordy like "remember this moment will only happen one, you only get to enjoy/survive it once"

And then sometimes visualize my life as me floating down a river. I put on my googles, take a deep breath, and just stick my head into the water to watch the rocks passing below. Everything is so still and calm, but then I see how quickly I am passing over the rocks and I can focus on now a bit better.

just a bit though...

Kami said...

Oh, such a timely post for me! I keep reliving LB's birthday and the fertility treatments that lead up to it when I should be enjoying each moment with her. Perhaps there should be space for processing - I don't know.

When I have trouble calming my mind, I find sitting in nature can help - even if it is just outside in my urban backyard and watching the wind blow in the trees.

Oh! Going barefoot. I feel so grounded when I can feel the ground beneath my feet. Ahhh . . . just the thought is relaxing.

Rachel said...

I remind myself that I have no control. I can only control myself, in this moment, right here, right now. Everything else is out of my hands. I trust myself that I can handle whatever comes. I make choices and decisions, but the rest of it is not up to me... so there's no use to worry about it.

After that, I pet my cat.

Smiling said...

Just wanted to say thanks for your comment - glad to hear that your friend had good news, or at least not horrid news which is always good news in my book!

Kate said...

Try Yoga! It taught me some great breathing techniques that helped me focus on nothing at all. It's amazing how restful it is- and how difficult it is to do!

stacyb said...

thank you everyone for your suggestions they are REALLY HELPFUL.