Monday, March 3, 2008

The Forest or the Tree?

Today I remembered that it’s the forest not the tree that is important – by that I mean it’s the big picture – that for us, after years of infertility we are going to have a baby this week one way or another. Sure a “perfect natural” birth would be great, but what’s perfect? The most important thing is that we will finally be parents.
I temporarily lost sight of this, I got side tracked by details that don’t in the end matter, that are a luxury to even think about given how hard it was to get pregnant in the first place. We are very lucky that DE was available and that it worked for us. I do not take this for granted.

Thank you for the words of support from my last post…I appreciate that no one was offended by my fixating on loss of control over a birth as opposed to the larger issues of infertility that brought many of us to blogland…wanting to be parents.

Which brings me back to the forest: we are so grateful that we are finally, almost there, or here.


Foreverhopeful said...

What a great analogy. Its sometimes hard to see the bigger picture. I'm so excited for you and I can't believe you are so close. Please keep us posted.

m said...

Ditto on all counts. Sending you so many good vibes...Thinking of you this week.

Anonymous said...

Hey, your feelings are your feelings, you know? There is nothing wrong or right about them, they are what they are. In my moments of feeling loss of control, I calm myself by remembering that the only thing that I can control... is my feelings and my actions. I can choose to let fear (including the fear of not being in control), anxiety, worry, etc., rule my life... or I can remember that I don't have to torture myself. And that's all the dime-store psychology I'll clog your blog with... mostly, I am hoping that you will be on the 'the other side' soon. I hope you will keep blogging about being a DE mother, as I am very curious as to how it feels and I've not found a lot of women who've done DE who go on to blog about it. Entirely your choice, of course... wishing you smooth sailing in what may be the start of the greatest journey you'll ever take. Take care of yourself and good luck!!

Kami said...

I hope things turned out closer to the way you were hoping than not. There is nothing wrong with wanting things a certain way - even or perhaps especially, when it has been so tough to get there.

No matter what, you are the one that gave birth (I am assuming we haven't heard because you have been busy with a new baby) whether it was induced or by c-section or whatever.

I hope to hear an update soon.