Sunday, June 10, 2007


two were put back two frozen and another three waiting in the holding docks for possibly freezing today!

we are cautiously optimistic. i know the odds are better this and i also know that nothing is a sure thing. so now begins the waiting while pretending not to wait -- hoping that work sucks me in so much that i can totally concentrate and think about what im doing not what might or might not be happening in my body. luckily i love what i do and a good friend is staying with us for the week so time should move along.

although that said i am very much fine with the present moment.


Daisy said...

BEST of luck! I will be thinking about you!

m said...

Good luck!! And be careful what you wish for - you don't really want work to consume your thoughts, do you? Enjoy your visiting friends and have a great week. Very best wishes...