Thursday, June 7, 2007

while you wait

waiting waiting waiting....i think i've spent the last 22months waiting on things IVF related and the last four years waiting for things pregnancy related. waiting for the right time of the month, waiting to try a pregnancy test, waiting to try again, waiting for doctors visit, waiting to see if the fetus grows or we do a D&C, waiting some more, waiting for information, waiting through cycles waiting through the times in between...and now waiting, again, for another transfer. albeit this time with way better odds. and at least i have plenty of practice! tap tap tap. there is a possibility we'd be called in today for a day 3 transfer...we'll see.

it is nice for me to read the blogs of other people going the DE route. Mr. B and i have been very private about all things fertility related and donor egg is so far away from the thinking of most people I don't even want to have to explain it, or us, or anything. Which is why, i guess, it is such a relief to read all the other DE blogs. so thank you to everyone who posts and puts up their experiences/thoughts/feelings you've all really helped me not feel so alone.

oh, and to answer Daisy, regarding putting back 2 or 3 embryos: previously we would have put back 3 because the odds were so low for us with my own eggs. to be honest i'd be so happy to put back one healthy embryo that had a decent chance. i really don't know what i'd do if given that choice. finally i think the clinic we are working with only puts back 2 on DE cycle so that wont even be an option for us.


DG said...

God luck xx

Daisy said...

Best of luck! Fingers crossed!