Friday, August 10, 2007

The needles I have known

Today was the last morning for shots. hard to believe. i have no idea how many hundreds of shots i've had. it has been 23 months. that's right. i did my first ivf/pgd september 2005 and have been at it ever since taking two sometimes three month breaks in between. i also pull of my estrace patch and stop popping the progesterone pill. On tuesday i go in for blood work to make sure levels are all ok. i still doesn't seem real that i wont have a sharps container in a special spot, bottles, band aids, heating pads, ice etc.

anyway, just wanted to share that. it's a really big deal for me (and my husband) that there are no more meds...well we hope not.

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Drowned Girl said...

Hope your levels are OK today!