Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sweet and Low

On Monday I go in for a glucose test – this is a test for gestational diabetes that, at least from my doc.’s point of view, is mandatory even if you have no symptoms because there is a 5% chance I could be one of those who has it but doesn’t show it. Being a veteran infertile I know all about being on the low side of the odds so I’ll have to suck it up, or drink it down a 20 oz. bright orange sugar liquid. You have to fast for about 8 hours beforehand drink the stuff and then take a blood test an hour later. I don’t eat sugar (except in fruit and sometimes honey) so I imagine I’ll get pretty wound up and then totally crash and feel like crap. On the up side I spoke with my Chinese doctor who told me what to eat right after the test and the homeopathic pediatrician we found suggested some drops to take as specific intervals post sugar high.
Will report back and let you know.

One more thing: my husband finally told his brother about DE – no we hadn’t told him, hadn’t even told him details about our infertility, we’re very good at keeping secret, but as I’ve written here before we don’t want this to be a secret. He’s still got a few more to tell, but that will come. Of course tomorrow being thanksgiving there are more people we could tell BUT because my parents, while understanding that we want to share this information, are reticent to tell anyone they know there is a bit of a conflict in my own mind: do we tell people because want to tell them tomorrow OR, to spare my parents their conflicting emotions etc., do we just not say anything save it for times when we see individuals alone? i think im leaning toward waiting for the parents not to be around. Anyone have any advice/thoughts on this?

have a nice thanksgiving!


Kami said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I had to take the glucose test with DE, but not before. Do you think it is because it is a DE cycle? They told me I had reached "that age" phhtht!

stacyb said...

i don't think it has anything to do with age, i think it's just on the list of things to do. sigh.

peep said...

I'm not sure how to advise you on the telling in front of sensitive parents issue since I haven't even told my dad about the DE yet (I'm waiting to see him in person in December). On the one hand I would say screw other people's feelings but that isn't very nice especially since they are your parents. I guess it doesn't hurt to talk to people one on one and spare any uncomfortable moments at Thanksgiving. Good luck either way and enjoy the day.

DI_Dad said...

Deciding who to tell is always a question. Most of our immediate friends know as do close family members beyond that we have told where it makes sense to us. Soome of it we will leave to our kids to decide. - Eric