Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You need a permission slip for the fieldtrip

I’m finally able to give myself permission to relax about this pregnancy. Yes, at week 36 I can write the following: we have a really good chance at a healthy birth and baby and that makes me very happy. There I did it. It’s scary to see that written, or typed, or posted, but it’s also great. I’ve vacillated between fear and fear since we got a positive pregnancy result from IVF number 8 and donor cycle number 1 so this is kinda momentous for me. Over the weekend my husband’s brother came and took the futon bed out of the room that we have finally started calling the baby room and not the guest room. So it seems it is possible after years of loss and sadness to enjoy pregnancy without forgetting or obliterating what came before. For those wondering if the fear every goes away it doesn’t completely (at least not for me), but it does recede. That said, I’ll still knock on wood any chance I get and the baby clothes we purchased are still wrapped in their packaging because part of me is terrified if I open any of it, something will happen. So yeah, it gets better but it’s not care free.

And on the telling front because yes we are still telling our friends: I think we have finally told all the people close to us. There are a couple I have not said anything too – one I’m waiting to see in person, one, a relative, I’m just not sure about – what I mean by that is I don’t think this person every really hears what I’m saying – or what anyone is saying for that matter. I wish I could count on some sensitivity but then it shouldn’t matter if this falls on deaf ears because ultimately for us what matters is there are no secrets and not what others have to say about it.


m said...

GREAT NEWS! So glad to see you breathe a little sigh. I bet your baby room is going to look fantastic.

Kami said...

I don't know what's better to hear - that you are feeling so hopeful or that I am normal in feeling so cautious that our pregnancy will work out.

I am happy for you!

Rachel said...

I like the no secrets part.

This is huge. HUGE. Are you huge too... lol?

I have a onesy that I foolishly, ignorant in my temporary bliss, bought in Feb 2006. It's in my lingerie drawer. It will come out again, hopefully soon.

Fingers crossed for you... I have a very good feeling about it!

Drowned Girl said...

I can't be;ieve you are nearly there!


peep said...

Wow, you are so close. I'm glad you are able to relax a little bit and enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

Flo said...

We are open about our DE pregnancy, although I don't blurt it out to everybody. The line between being open and giving people more details than they are actually asking for is sometimes a bit blurry in that respect.

It felt a bit weird when somebody who I hadn't told myself asked me about it. But it was okay too. I suppose it is also something you grow into, just like using DE in the first place.

You are almost there! I bet you can't wait to meet your baby! :-)