Wednesday, July 25, 2007

me count?

9 weeks 2 days today…hmm. We have a obgyn visit on Friday and as we get closer I get more nervous. our first pregnancy ended at 9 weeks…I know this is different. I keep wondering if the fear will ever go away. So far it’s more like a rolling sea – comes up in waves. I do have symptoms (tired, sleepy, and my boobs jumped from a large A cup to a C cup -- yes they seem to be meant for some other body.

the thing that is so wonderfully different, that I have to keep telling myself and blogging here, is that this time we used donor eggs. This time the eggs are healthy.

And still...i am so nervous about it that i don't want to plan into the future and i didn't even want to buy an new bra in case things don't work out. that said i had to buy a new bra because i just couldn't squeeze into mine. while im excited at the change i keep thinking what if...and then i put on a baggy shirt and try to pretend nothing is any different. We are also trying to hid any changes from friends and family until we pass the magic 12 week mark. basically i work, fall asleep at my desk, don't go out and look like a slob. but hey...that's ok.

Anyway I’ll check back Friday. For anyone reading please think good thoughts for us.

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daisychain said...

This "boobs jumped from an large A cup to a C cup" is so frightening to me. I am also in the large A category and hope to someday be agonizing about supergrowth boobs. I am hoping all the best will work out for you guys. I can only imagine how hard it is not to stress out all the time. Being a highly stressful person myself, I have been trying to visualize only the best.
Big hug to you!