Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nurture vs. nurture


As you can see I don’t post that often anymore but I think there may still be a few things worth sharing for DE moms and those thinking of becoming DE parents.

Here it is: I think I’ve become so much more conscious of who I am and what I do, how I react, assessing my values, or family values because I know that the thing I pass on to our daughter is my morals, my actions, and my example not the genetics. So I can’t say oh well at least she gets X from me since I messed up raising her. Nope, I get raising our daughter, period. What I can show her through my actions versus what she’s received simply by being born. And ultimately that’s what it’s about. Your looks and your natural talents are just that. It’s the person who embodies it that makes the difference and as a DE mom that’s the input I get.

It’s nice. It keeps me grounded while staying on my toes.