Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's been a long time

Hello. Well 66 was our number. It kept going up, not always the case. It took many months for me to feel secure (almost the whole pregnancy), there were some bumps along the way but they were minor and in October 2012 our son was born. To recount: we used a different donor one who is/was proven. in other words had donated to "successful cycles" were the outcome was a baby. That may be the single most important attribute you want in a donor. Certainly what she looked like, her skills, those did not matter. Most of that is advertising, or feels like it. For me it began to feel like i was trying to find myself, only fertile. So i dropped that with this donor. Chose one who looks like our daughter, didn't care what she did, did care about previous cycles and cared about her health and that of her extended family. Our boy looks like himself. He is a joy. We love him dearly. again it doesn't matter how you get there, how your family gets made, you will love that soul that comes to your family. Well i do. also WE TOLD OUR DAUGHTER a version of her DONOR EGG story. She knows there was a lady who gave us a missing part and that's how she and her brother were made. She is four. It seemed appropriate. Maybe I'll post more on the telling part, but frankly this blog has been defunct for sooooooooooo long i just wanted to post something more to tie things up in case anyone (you?) came by for a gander.