Monday, September 1, 2008

Every day is a blessing

Hi everyone…time passes so quickly. Our daughter will be six months old in a week. I can’t believe it. And I’m so happy to know that there are many new DE mother’s to be out there. Every day with her is a day when I think “it’s so amazing that I ever thought that a donor egg could matter in my love.” But I guess you have, or I had to, go through the whole process to understand it all.

I secretly laugh at the people who don’t know us well who peer into our little ones face and announce things like “her eyes are spaced the same as yours…or there’s just something about her that is like you…” People really do see what they want to sseen. So now I nod and say thank you.

Anyway just wanted to say hi. Trying to keep up with everyone please know even if I don’t post I am following what is going on sending out support vibes to all.


Summer said...

Wow, hard to believe your little one will be six months old soon!

Thanks for the update.

Kami said...

I can't believe she is 6 months either. Thanks for the update!

Kate said...

Glad to hear things are going so well! Time flies!

Anonymous said...

wow, 6 months old. that nuts! i'm having a hard time keeping my blogs up too. i posted today. who knows how long it will be til the next. now that kai's here i kinda just forget that i used donor eggs. well. pretend to anyway.

m said...

Six months! That means seven by now. Thanks for stopping by. Hoping all is still healthy and well with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi - came across you blog while searching for DE blogs - I'm gearing up for our cycle (end of November) and I'm so excited. Glad to hear of your success!