Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Issue with Gattica

Just cause it looks good on paper doesn’t mean it is. And so our donor, who looked perfect genetically on paper doesn’t have good eggs. Whoa. Right? She just did a second cycle eleven eggs, two good. The doctor is not recommending her for further egg donation. Kinda funny, but not really.

The upshot is that we did have a back up who was our first choice but had said she couldn’t work with our time line. Guess what?! Now she can. So we are back on after a minor glitch that only took up about two hundred and seventy nine extra hours of thinking about it and stressing.

Enjoy the weekend.


Sarah said...

We had the same experience with our first donor. She looked good on paper, and had some characteristics we thought were important, except doh! there were egg issues. So with the second donor I just let go of all kinds of standards and she was the one who worked out.

Summer said...

What an interesting series of twists and turns.

Is it weird that I feel like this is actually a good sign? Because for some reason the fact that you ended up with your back up who was initially your first choice gives me a good feeling about your upcoming cycle.

Sue said...

Glad you've got a back up plan and things are moving forward. Sorry about the extra stress though.

m said...

You know we fell in love with our first choice for a donor, only to find SHE was having secondary fertility issues when we went to stimulation. Twice. Yowch. Sorry for the disappointment, happy that your doc has minimized it by stopping it now, and so happy that your first choice really will come together with the timeline you had in mind. onwards!

stacyb said...

we think this change in donors is all for the good too. And she was our first choice -- mostly because she is totally healthy, had a good cycle as a donor previously AND (this is a bonus) she apparently looks like our previous donor -- not that we ever saw her. but the nurse who first matched us looked at the new donors photos and said that.

anyway, we are all well here and the cycle start is really just around the corner.

Silver said...

Good luck with it all!

Infertilityblogger said...

great blog. We just got the news yesterday AMH is 0.1; No good eggs left. 2 IVFs: 1 cancelled, 1 failed.

DW (41) is absolutely devastated. We started the journey with MF low motility and ended here.

During the MF stage I (the DH) was absolutely certain that donor sperm was not an option.

Until now my wife was on the same page with regard to donor eggs. It's the genetic link.

Now here we are.

In the middle of the initial grief she said that she had actually considered the DE path.

I am fine with where ever my wife lands with this emotionally. I am interested in the grieving process you all experienced.

How long was it until you switched gears to being OK with DE?

What stages of grief did you experience? What helped?

What should I as the DH not do at this stage?

Do you think it is easier for the DW to be ok with DE vs the DH with DS? I mean- the DW has this life growing inside- where as the DH was essentially replaced and is raising someone elses kid (or that's how I felt about it).

My inclination is that I will let this digest for a few months so clearer heads prevail.

Please I am interested in how you processed this to come to where you are now.

big_hatdance at yahoo