Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gone hiking

Really. We’re off for a week to hike. I can’t wait. This is the first vacation since October 2005 that is not a pre or post IVF, let’s rest or let’s recuperate trip/weekend. And it’s also a needle free one! Clearly my idea of vacation has changed a lot over the past few years.

I still have another book to check out and when I’m back in, gasp, October (ok, ok, it’s only a week but when we’re back it will be a new month) I’ll post which one or ones struck a cord when we get back. no computer in hiking land...

One more thing…ever since we had the talk about telling I feel like a giant HUGE burden has been lifted from my shoulders. No I have not said anything yet but that’s because it’s something I’d like to do in person to the people I’d like to share the info with. Of course if there’s one thing I’ve learned lately it's that there's never a perfect time. So perhaps the phone will do…but in the meantime it’s time to go hiking!

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m said...

So jealous!! Have a wonderful week.