Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It starts with a whisper

So my husband told a friend of his (also going through infertility with his wife) that our pregnancy is through the amazing technological wonders of donor egg. And wouldn’t you know, he was like “that’s great”. And so it begins, the telling of a few close friends…what a relief to have it out there. For us this feels right. And of course they may tell people too…but that’s ok. By the time the baby is born (knock on wood because I still get waves of fear), none of this will be an issue.

M , who is trying to choose a donor has an interesting discussion on her blog about genetics: do they matter? check it out.
I left a long post there which i wont repeat here but i will say this:
My husband and I want to have a child/children to raise people who will make a positive difference in this world. In the nature vs. nurture debate I think that may fall with nurture. So yeah, genetics matter on some levels but perhaps not with this.

On the donor egg book front – I’ve been reading a few and the next post will cover which ever one or ones I think might be work someone else taking a look at. One of them seems particularly helpful but I want to wait till I finish it to post more.

Monday will be week 17 for us. Last week we heard the choo choo train sound of the little ones hearbeat.


Drowned Girl said...

Wow, 17 weeks!
I'll be interested to hear your take on the books. I have a few by my bed!

Unknown said...

At some point you may start wondering how to tell your child -
I have a 4 year old son from donor eggs. I wrote/illustrated a children's book, at first, just to tell him about his origins. I posted the whole book on line, got requests for hard copies and now it is available through Amazon!
Good luck!

singletracey said...

I am looking forward to hearing about the books. I just found your blog and have just been placed on the DE train. Your insights will be helpful I am sure!