Monday, April 26, 2010

Donor Search Update

So we looked into donors – thank you everyone for your suggestions. Summer’s list is extensive. Please take a look at it.

We tried Beverly Hills Egg Donation and aside from the fact that the donor we chose – that they suggested – decided she didn’t want to cycle again the experience has been good. They are responsive, I sent photos of myself so they could help me with the search. My husband and I DO NOT want to see photos of the donor. We aren’t looking for someone who looks like me, or the previous donor (not that we know what she looks like) but we are looking for similar physical traits like hair texture, skin color, body type, overall healthy (with healthy family members) coordinated and someone who is college educated (although that isn’t even necessarily an indicator that someone is intelligent). Oh, and a proven donor. We don’t care what music they like, or what their favorite books is, those are not genetic characteristics.

At any rate it did seem to be too good to be true that the first person we chose would work out. Luckily there was someone else equally good. And finally lucky for us the nurse we worked with who chose our donor for us before looked at both these donor’s profiles AND their photos so she could let us know if there were any red flags or any reason the ones we chose would not be good.

So there it is: we have decided to move forward. We have a second donor we also liked – although , and here is the kicker – while she has donated once before there was no pregnancy. It’s a risk. More so then say, with our other choice who had donated three times and had three pregnancies. So of course nothing is perfect. And we are a little hesitant because of this. But then we all know this isn’t an exact science – if it was there would be a formula and all of us would get the correct result. So there is that chance and I guess we are gonna take it.


Summer said...

So happy to hear you are moving forward! This is so exciting!

Sue said...

Good luck to you in moving forward.

Kami said...

Lots of luck to you!