Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We have decided to see if we can find another donor. Last time we didn’t look. The nurse who we had worked with for two years just called and said “ I have the perfect donor for you”. And that’s who we went with. This time that donor is done donating. We have asked the nurse again to look out for us but I’m also now contacting donor agencies which is bewildering…maybe a little odd to be flipping through images of people. I actually never saw our donor and don’t have any desire to see the next one. Anyone know of a great East Coast donor agency? Let me know.

So that’s where we are at. Although if we don’t find a donor in the next four to five months we will stop searching. We are very happy with our family as three and while it would be an incredible blessing to have another we are already so blessed we will be happy to keep our family the same size.


Sue said...

Whatever happens, I'm wishing you the best of luck.

Pam said...

I know how hard it is to find a donor. We've used two donors (unsuccessfully so far). For the first donor we used IARC (http://www.fertilityhelp.com/). When we were considering a second donor, I wasn't happy with the lack of response to emails from IARC, so I looked at Our Fairy Godmother (http://www.ourfairygodmother.com/). I had looked into them when I chose IARC and in retrospect I wish I had gone with them initially. In the end, our RE called us when we weren't looking and said they found us a donor. Don't look at where the agencies are based as they have donors available all over the country. And if you speak with OFG, she may be able to suggest donors who are local for you to cut down on the travel expense. In addition, unlike IARC, OFG has an online database here you can view donor profiles and pictures. And if I'm not mistaken, the profiles indicate if they are proven. I couldn't get that information from IARC.

Good luck!

Jericho said...

I know its tough. It is beyond amazing that you're at peace with whatever outcome though. And if you go back and forth for a while, that's more than understandable. :) For now, enjoy being content as 3!

Summer said...

The donor search is overwhelming and at times discouraging. Not wanting to go through another donor search is one of the reasons we will not do anymore IVF after we have used up our frozen embryos.

I agree with Pam. You don't need to look for an agency in any particular location. Most usually have donors from all over. I compiled a huge list of donor agencies a few years ago (http://worrierwarrior.wordpress.com/agency-list/) if you are interested in getting an idea of all the different donor agencies that are out there.

stacyb said...

Thank you for the guidance on agencies pam and summer. Summer your list is amazing.

it actually seems like, hold your breathe, that we have found someone. We actually don't have too many criteria, or maybe we are lucky -- but of course until it happens it doesn't. I'll post more soon. thank you both again for your thoughts and guidance.