Monday, March 1, 2010

Today lottery number इस...

Today my number was 270. Doctors have gone from cautiously optimistic to optimistic. We are still cautious. Always. I am scared to think it might have worked. Again. Scared and grateful.

And no I am not thinking I wish this time it was with my own eggs. Not at all. Why should I. It makes no difference in my love.

I am just hopeful that everything will turn out ok and that we remain grounded enough to integrate a possible new soul into our family in a safe nurturing way.


Pam said...

Great news!! Keep up the postive thoughts!

Sue said...

Yay - go frostie!

Kami said...

Hello! I still read - just always a bit behind.

You just never know how it will go until it does. A lady in my IRL support group had a healthy baby 2 years ago with low, slow rising betas. I don't remember the numbers, but I was convinced she must have remembered it wrong because they were so low.

Good luck!